• Name: JUAN MIGUELIZ Leyre Trail
  • Type: Mountain Race.
  • Date: October 26, 2019
  • Place: Sierra de Leyre
  • Place of departure/arrival: Monastery of Leyre
  • Distance: 21 Km
  • Cumulative elevation gain: +1400 m/ -1400m
  • Maximun Number of participants: 350
  • Categories: Absolute and Veterans; male and female categories for both


The race comprises a distance of 21 km and a cumulative elevation gain of 1400 meters. It is a very hard and technical race. The route runs entirely along paths and mountain terrain.
We will start at the Monastery of Leyre, a beautiful place located on the southern face of the mountain, 750 meters above sea level. After a very short asphalt section, we will take the Cañada Real de los Roncaleses to ascend 500 meters of altitude in a little more than two tough kilometers, and reach the Portillo de la Cerrada, thus accessing the north face of the mountain. At this location, at 1250 meters of altitude, you will find the first race refreshment station (Km 2.5 of the race).
We will continue along the Cañada Real for two kilometers in a gentle descent until we reach Rasos de Bigüezal (1,100 meters), where the second refreshment station will be located. There, we will leave Cañada Real and turn right to enter a dark forest of pine and beech trees that we will cross during just one kilometer and 200 meters of positive height gain, to access the eastern ridge of the mountain, at a height of 1,300 meters. After crossing the beautiful ridge for more than a kilometer on a very technical terrain, we will reach Paso del Oso, an impressive hole in the rock with vertical views towards Yesa’s reservoir. After overcoming the summit of the peak and leaving the cross that is placed there to our left, we will continue along the ridge through very technical rocky stretches until reaching Km 10.5. We will continue through the beech forest, first in a gentle descent and then on flat terrain, until we reach the fourth refreshment station (Km 12 of the race).

We will turn right and go through a clearing until we enter again the beech forest and begin a vertiginous descent of 500 meters and 150 meters of negative slope. After turning left, we will overcome an especially tough and technical section, where we will have to use our hands to position ourselves a few meters northeast of the vertical of Arangoiti Peak, at an altitude of 1,000 meters.
At this point we will be right above the impressive Foz de Arbayún, the most important fluvial canyon of Navarre, and one of the most spectacular ones in the Pyrenees. After a short descent towards the North, we will turn to the left and cross the Northen slope of Arangoiti Peak for about 1 Km. At an approximated height of 900 meters, we will turn left and, on a very hard terrain, begin the ascent to the culminating point of Sierra de Leyre. After ascending 400 meters in little more than one kilometer, we will then reach the western ridge of Pico Arangoiti, at an altitude of 1,300 meters.
We will turn left and, after crossing the ridge during one kilometer, we will reach the highest point of the race (1,353 meters). We are at this point at Km 16 of the race. After recovering strength in the fifth and last refreshment point, and already with the finish line in sight (600 meters below) we will start the last section of the race.
After descending through rocky and technical terrain for less than a kilometer, we reach a hill and continue along the wide ridge (El Rallar), through a tough terrain between meadows and beech trees, with a final rocky and technical stretch, until we reach Collado del Monolito. We are at Km 18 of the race. We have just little more than two kilometers and 500 meters of descent ahead.
From here on we only have to be fast, first through a path among beech trees and then on a final stony and more technical stretch amongst pines and oaks. This last section, shared with the initial section of the race and already inside the Real Cañada de los Roncaleses, will take us directly to the finish line.