How to get to the start line of the race

The Monastery of San Salvador de Leyre is located 30 minutes from Pamplona, has easy access from various points of Navarra and Aragón and from the border with France. Using the Pyrenees A-21 highway, take exit 47 in Yesa, and from there take a 4-km road that leads directly to the Monastery of Leyre.

Info for spectators

For the family, friends, and followers who come to enjoy the race, we have prepared a series of parallel activities. The Monastery of San Salvador de Leyre will be prepared with TV screens to see the start and arrival of the runners. We also have different activities during the day:

  • Guided tours of the Monastery.
  • Walk to San Virila for children.
  • Animation for the kids.
  • Balloon modelling and face painting.
  • Artisan positions.

  • For those who want to follow the runners in the different control and refreshment points, we provide approximate times below:

  • Portillo de la Cerrada: 1 h walk from the Monastery.
  • Rasos de Bigüezal: 1 h 30 mins walk from the Monastery, 1 h by car from Monasterio de Bigüezal.
  • Paso del Oso: 1 h 20 min walk from the Monastery.
  • El Castellar: 1 h 20 min walk from the Monastery.
  • Arangoiti: 1 h 45 min walk from the Monastery, 1 h by car from Monasterio de Bigüezal.
  • Places to visit

      San Salvador de Leyre Monastery::

      It is the oldest monastery of the old Kingdom of Navarre and one of the most attractive places in Navarre.

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      Consorcio Turístico Tierras de Javier - Xabierren Lurrak:

      Tan diversas como inesperadas. Un territorio en el que es posible sentir, respirar, pasear, conocer gente cercana, recuperar, escuchar, tocar el cielo, disfrutar.

      More info at:

      Roman Villa of Liédena:

      With the foz of Lumbier in the background, the archaeological remains testify that thousands of years ago there was a great Roman rural village of Liedena (II-IV centuries). It had more than 50 dependencies, including an oil mill, grapes’ press, thermae, the noble house and the one for the servants, built around a central courtyard. Today, the remains (mosaics and various findings) are kept in the museum of Navarre.

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      It is a village located in a strategic area, among crossroads and rivers. Because of this privileged historical position, its urban center has kept the imprint of the passing of centuries and cultures, from Roman times until today.

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      It is the most important city in Middle-Eastern Navarre. Marked by history and the Camino de Santiago, it is known for one of its architectural gems: the façade of the church of Santa María, a national monument. It is also known for its vegetables, especially its ‘pochas’ (a type of small white bean), for its craftsmanship, especially forging, and for celebrating the three Wise Men day with a popular play on January 6th.

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      The village is the first stop in Navarre’s section of Aragon’s Camino de Santiago, and is associated with two of the most emblematic elements in the history, economy and tourism of Navarre and Spain: the Monastery of Leyre and the Yesa reservoir.

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      Castle of Javier:

      The castle where San Francisco Javier was born is the oldest part of the village and one of the most visited places in Navarre.

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      Foces Interpretation Center:

      It is the reference center for information and interpretation of these characteristic formations (that resemble canyons but are not quite the same) in the pre-Pyrenean area of Navarra, as well as the tourist information point of reference in the Aoiz-Lumbier area.

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      Javier goza de gran quehacer y ocio local. Entorno a su esencia y tradición se celebran diferentes actividades y festividades. Aunque la espiritualidad abunda en sus actividades las hay para todos los gustos y edades.

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      Villa medieval fortificada asentada en un cerro junto al río Aragón, donde destaca el puente medieval, La Iglesia Gótica de Santa María. Fundada por Alfonso el Batallador y junto con Gallipienzo dibujan la línea defensiva que un día fueron del reino de navarra. Cáseda esconde numerosos secretos naturales que se fusionan con su arquitectura. Ermitas que abrazan ríos o miradores que dejan ver la majestuosidad de la tierra. El entorno natural permite realizar tanto a pie como en BBT diferentes rutas a través de las cuáles disfrutar de la naturaleza.

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      Villa medieval fortificada, de sinuosas calles e importante patrimonio artístico está asentada sobre un cerro de la sierra de Izco. Aibar cuenta con gran tradición musical y artística. Destacan sus Mercados Medievales, a finales de octubre.

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    October 17 

    • 12:00 | Press conference / presentation of the IV edition of JMTL and the I edition JMLV

      October 26, 2019 (Monastery of Leyre)

      • 08:00 | Distribution of competition numbers in the Crypt of the Monastery of Leyre.
      • 08:15 | Organised walk to Portillo de la Cerrada.
      • 09:15 | Distribution of bib numbers ends.

        • 10:00 | Start of the race, IV JUAN MIGUELIZ Leyre Trail
        • Activities for non-runners:

        • 10:05 | Artisan products’ market.
        • 10:15 | Children's walk to San Virila.
        • 10:30 | Events at the Monastery of Leyre.
        • 11:00 | Children's activities.
        • 11:30 | Hot chocolate for children.

      • 14:30 | Award ceremony.
      • 14:45 | Distribution of gifts.
      • 15:00 | Tasting of breadcrumbs (typical dish) and chistorra (fast-cure sausage). Hot chocolate
      • 16:00 | End of all events.

      October 26, 2019 at Yesa. 

      • 18:30 | Concert.
      • 20:30 | Popular dinner.
      • 23:00 | End of acts in Yesa.

      October 27, 2019 (Yesa)

      • 08:00 | Distribution of competition numbers.
      • 08:30 | Organised walk to Pico Arangoiti.
      • 09:15 | Distribution of bib numbers ends.

        • 09:45 | Start of the race, I JUAN MIGUELIZ Leyre Vertical-
      • 13:00 | Award ceremony
      • 13:30 | Tasting
      • 15:00 | End of all events