For those who do not know the difficulty of this mountain area, below we provide details of some of the most important points that runners must take into account.

  • We recommend reading carefully all the information and approaching the area previously if you do not know the route.
  • The itinerary is technical and demanding. There are certain steep sections where the use of the hands will be necessary, and very technical descents with loose stones. Many areas have large blocks that will be slippery if the presence of rain or snow.
  • Most of the race goes through mountain paths and areas without marked trails. It is a very slow race whose completion times are be much longer than those of other similar races.
  • The Organisation may establish the use of mandatory specific material if the weather forecast so recommends. Thus, we advise to bring a raincoat, long trousers, long running tights and long socks.
  • Most of the race’s route cannot be accessed by motorised vehicles, so any voluntary drop-out or disqualification might involve a significant amount of time walking to the nearest evacuation point.